HP 352 – 6000mAh Dual USB Power Bank

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The 6000mAh Dual USB Power Bank from Tessco Mobiles is an irresistible buy indeed. With high quality cells that offer a cycle service of over 500 , bet you can’t find a better deal anywhere. With an external battery, specially designed to simplify the process and offer absolute convenience, the device provides a 5V USB input. The device is, in fact, an intelligent device for the smart Gen Next.


  • Duty Life cycle of 500 times and more
  • Highly efficient device with sleep mode option to reduce power consumption.
  • LED indicator that operate in the night
  • The device has 2 USB ports in it.
  • Guarantee of 6 months offered by the manufacturer.



Tessco HP-352, With an impressive and highly useful sleep mode, the device helps manage power usage by switching into a hibernation state when out of operation. With an incredible level of simplicity, style and convenience, you definitely ought to have one in your tech kit.Tessco Mobile extends its smartest product, the 6000mAh Dual USB Power Bank that is worth every bit of your money. Get this amazing device at only Rs. 1199 and make your life simple and superb!

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