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The Tessco LA-450 Audio Cable Multi AUX 5 Port Audio Device is a dream gadget for aspiring DJ’s as this gadget allows you to remix your music by controlling the mixing and fade-ins and fade outs through the controls of the multiple Mp3’s attached to this device as the Tessco LA-450 5 Port Audio Device has 5 3.5mm jack ports for your convenience. This means a single source of audio can be connected to either of the 5 headphones or speakers or earphones all in one go.


  • As two media players can play at the same time it is a great gadget to be used for mixing processes
  • All the 5 ports feature a 3.5 mm jack
  • Compatible with all the different types of cell phones featuring a 3.5 mm audio out jack, laptops and iPods
  • Offers a 6 month guarantee by the manufacturer



  • Connects flawlessly to iPods, laptops, cell phones or any other media player
  • Eliminates the need to remove one speaker and insert the other headphone because of its 5 ports

Everyone has gone through the frustration of having a single port for your audio devices and having to keep switching between the various hearing aids. The Tessco LA-450 Audio Cable Multi AUX 5 Port Audio Device is an answer and a solution to all your problems multiple plug in to a single audio output. This awesome gadget can connect 5 headphones, speakers and earphones to a single source of audio.


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