HP-357 6000mAh Power Bank

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Duty Life cycle of 500 times and more Highly efficient device with sleep mode option to reduce power consumption. Protection against short Circuit with Over-charging & Over Discharging The device has 2 USB ports in it. Guarantee of 6 months offered by the manufacturer.



The journey of life is long and tiring, and everyone needs a charge every once in a while. While you can always stop for a quick snack, what about your smartphone. Plugging into charging slots might be too time-consuming and carrying heavy power banks might be too cumbersome. But there is always a solution, and Tessco Mobiles found it. The Tessco Mobiles ultra slim is the power bank for those who value portability above anything else. With a sleek design and power just enough for a quick bite, Tessco Mobiles ultra slim is the companion your smartphone needs.


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